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The Casey Foundation believes that the children in greatest trouble in America today are those whose parents lack the earnings, assets, services or social support systems required to consistently meet their families’ needs. Most of these children are growing up in impoverished communities that are disconnected from the economic mainstream. Through the Center for Community and Economic Opportunity (CCEO), the Foundation is investing in a comprehensive, two-generation approach to help these isolated families secure adequate incomes, stabilize their finances, accumulate savings, and live in vibrant, economically viable neighborhoods. The Foundation supports three main approaches to alleviating poverty:

  • Work: CCEO incubates and takes to scale programs that help low-wage workers gain the skills and experience they need to find the sort of jobs that can support a family.
  • Wealth: CCEO investments are advancing policies and programs that help low-income families move from poverty to financial stability. This work includes encouraging the expansion of the state Earned Income Tax Credit, ensuring paid leave policies, and encouraging asset-building strategies.
  • Place: The CCEO approach to redevelopment ensures urban development projects benefit low- and moderate-income families; the approach ties community infrastructure change--housing, schools, transportation--to a two-generational poverty-alleviation strategy.

Through CCEO, the Foundation is investing in innovative demonstration projects in specific locations and tightening our focus on vulnerable populations such as new immigrants, single parents, individuals who were formerly incarcerated, and families living in communities of concentrated poverty. At the same time, the Foundation supports a wide range of initiatives to strengthen policies at the local, state and federal levels that affect low-income children and families.

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