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Atlanta Civic Site: Family Economic Success

The Atlanta  Civic Site is investing in a strategy that bundles workforce development, work supports, and asset-building programs for low-income families with the expectation that those families will be employed and on a pathway to a family-supporting career, accessing work supports and building assets and wealth while their children are on a pathway to student success. This strategy is being implemented by The Center for Working Families, Inc. TCWFI provides a combination of workforce development, work supports, entrepreneurship, and asset-building programs to move NPU-V families along a pathway toward family economic success.

A Path to Services for Low-Income Families

It takes many partners to deliver all of the services and programs that low-income families need to overcome barriers to employment, career advancement, and financial security. So, TCWFI employs a Family Coach who assesses services and interventions that are needed to help families thrive. Once needs are identified—whether they be related to securing stable housing, overcoming literacy barriers, or finding after-school opportunities for children—TCWFI functions as a “hub” linking participants to a wide array of partner organizations that can meet those needs. The Family Coach remains engaged to ensure that the supports are high quality and well aligned with participant needs. Drawing on support from the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta and other funders, TCWFI is able to leverage and bundle the services of other United Way-funded organizations.

TCWFI is an integral part of the interconnected work supported by the Civic Site. It connects parents of young children with subsidized high-quality early education and care at the Early Learning and Literacy Resource Center (at a value of more than $8,000 per year). It also prepares participants for employment and housing opportunities as a part of the Partnership for the Preservation of Pittsburgh.

Watch a video about The Center for Working Families, Inc.


Download the full brochure: Atlanta Civic Site: Creating Life-Changing Pathways for Families