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Evidence2Success Partners

Evidence2Success builds on the work of the Annie E. Casey Foundation and a range of partners dedicated to researching, developing, testing and communicating what works to improve outcomes for children. Partners include:

Social Development Research Group, University of Washington
The Social Development Research Group (SDRG) is an internationally recognized team of researchers dedicated to promoting healthy behaviors and positive social development among young people. To achieve that goal, SDRG conducts research on the factors that influence youth development; develops and tests effective interventions; studies and work to improve service delivery; advocates for science-based solutions to health and behavior problems; and disseminates knowledge, tools and expertise based on that research. Much of SDRG’s work is based on their pioneering Social Development Model, which led to the development and testing of Communities That Care (CTC), a coalition-based system proven to prevent adolescent problem behaviors such as violence, delinquency and substance abuse. Through strategic consultation, training, and research-based tools, CTC helps stakeholders and decision makers measure risk and protective factors, choose tested and effective programs that promote healthy youth development, and implement those programs with fidelity to achieve measurable community-wide results.

The Social Research Unit at Dartington
The Social Research Unit (SRU) is an independent charitable organization dedicated to conducting research and translating evidence into policy and practice to improve outcomes for children. Based in the United Kingdom, SRU conducts research to establish the potential causes of problems that affect children’s development and to test the value of children’s services. SRU also disseminates high quality evidence about what works, for which children, why and at what cost. Their applied work, known as Common Language, engenders a common purpose and collective understanding of the role of evidence in changing children’s lives.  Common Language has been used as the foundation for major reforms of children’s services in Ireland and Birmingham, England, and directed toward improving the lives of individual children through enhanced screening and assessment methods. SRU also has significant experience working with public systems to implement evidence-based programs. SRU’s long-term aim is to improve child outcomes at zero net cost to central and local government.

The Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence, University of Colorado Boulder
The Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV) at the University of Colorado Boulder was founded in 1992 to build bridges between the research community and the practitioners and policy makers seeking to understand and prevent violence, particularly adolescent violence. The CSPV Blueprints for Violence Prevention website identifies violence and drug prevention programs that meet a high scientific standard of effectiveness. It has become a leading resource for governments, foundations, businesses and other organizations trying to make informed judgments about their investments in violence and drug prevention programs. The Blueprints website will be expanded in fall 2012 to serve as the primary tool Evidence2Success sites will use to select proven programs that address developmental outcomes in the areas of behavior, education, emotional well-being, physical health and positive relationships.

Mainspring Consulting
Mainspring Consulting was founded on the belief that the driving force behind any initiative is a clear vision, effective leaders, and committed partners. Mainspring helps policymakers, state and community leaders, and foundation officers harness the power of that driving force to strengthen and grow their work. To support the design of effective programs and initiatives for children, families and communities, Mainspring advises clients on what works, helps them develop a theory of change, and develops training and technical assistance strategies to meet identified needs. Mainspring also supports clients in conducting a comprehensive strategic or sustainability planning process to clarify long-term goals and develop a range of financing and engagement strategies to sustain programs and initiatives.