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The Need for Self-Evaluation

About the Contributors

The self-evaluation tool was the product of a joint effort by the Family to Family evaluation team and colleagues from Metis Associates, a consulting firm that provided technical assistance throughout the initiative. In addition to conducting an independent assessment of Family to Family, the evaluation team worked with each grantee to create a self-evaluation team, focusing much effort on building and analyzing databases that tracked the experiences of children entering out-of-home care. Metis Associates contributed to the development of grantees' capacity for self-evaluation through training and technical assistance related to specific types of analysis, including population profiles, caseload forecasting, and desktop mapping. Sections of the tool pertaining to improved access to information and the data model also are based on their work.

Created through a collaboration between the Research Triangle Institute (RTI) and the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), the evaluation team was directed by Lynn Usher of UNC, who served as principal investigator. Deborah Gibbs of RTI served as project manager and coordinated evaluation activities in Maryland, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania. They shared leadership of the effort with Judy Wildfire of UNC's Jordan Institute for Families, who worked with grantees in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, and Los Angeles County. Harlene Gogan of RTI developed procedures for constructing longitudinal files in each site.

Metis Associates, headquartered in New York City, is a consulting firm specializing in policy analytic studies; management information system specification and design; public education evaluation and planning; interagency, collaborative programs; and survey research. Staff who provided technical assistance to the grantees and who contributed to the self-evaluation tool were Deborah Busch, Kim Huff, Anthony Iacovone, Frances Schorr, Stan Schneider, and Rosalind Stevenson. The company's full-time staff includes these and other social scientists, computer systems analysts, and specialists in program evaluation and statistical analysis. This spectrum of personnel makes it possible for Metis to provide professional support for a broad range of human services initiatives that require policy analysis, program assessment, data maintenance and analysis, and computer system design. Their sponsors include foundations, social service organizations, school districts, and federal, state, and local government agencies.

Additional Reading

Please reference the following web page for additional publications by the authors. Including the 1999 articles from Social Service Review and Child Welfare

For the evaluation of Family to Family: (Available online only.)


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