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Safety First

About the Authors and Resource People

The primary author of this tool is Jill Kinney. She is executive director of Home, Safe, a private Seattle, WA, nonprofit corporation begun in 1992 to develop and implement innovative approaches to helping families throughout the United States. For the last five years, Kinney's work has focused on development of professional and natural helper partnerships, worker resiliency techniques and options for helping people with drug problems if they refuse drug treatment or the 12-step model.

Several other people assisted in development of this tool. Soledad Martinez, Manager of Family Preservation Servicesfor the State of New Mexico, has provided training for child and family services workers throughout New Mexico. Others include Diane Skaar, Family Preservation Social Worker in Las Cruces, NM; Doug Vaughn, Senior Consultant and Trainer for Home, Safe; and Kathy Strand, Program Associate for Home, Safe.

Additional Reading

Safety Plan Development, by Doug Vaughn. Available through Home, Safe. Tacoma, WA

Minimum Safety Standards, by Diane Skaar. Available through Home, Safe, Tacoma, WA


Jill Kinney or Kathy Strand
Home, Safe
121 Vine Street, #2103
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: 206.956.8548
Fax: 206.956.8549
e-mail: or

Doug Vaughn
Home, Safe
789 11th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 206.890.2096
Fax: 619.234.0014

Soledad Martinez
Manager of Family Preservation Services
CYFD Protective Services
PO Drawer 5160
Room 225c
Santa Fe, NM 87502
Phone: 505.827.8407