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Oregon Relies Equally Upon Incentives, Interventions and Sanctions

The Central and Eastern Oregon Juvenile Justice Consortium (CEOJJC), an intergovernmental organization that hosts JDAI and represents 17 counties, recently produced what may be the first graduated system of incentives, interventions and sanctions for youth offenders on probation.

The system could produce early discharges from probation by reducing probation violations and boosting compliance with case plans.

Using a research-based risk and needs assessment to determine what interventions and levels of supervision are necessary, case managers map out individualized incentives and positive reinforcements to encourage and support positive behavior and compliance with court-ordered conditions of probation.

Staff utilize a continuum of early, certain sanctions and interventions to hold youth accountable for violations of probation and to prevent further criminal activity. They ensure that sanctions and interventions focus on principles of personal responsibility and accountability.

Youth are told that meeting certain milestones can lead to good things, like early discharge from probation. Staff have found that some of the most effective incentives are ones suggested by the youth and parents.

“The graduated response to probation violations using incentives was based on adolescent research indicating that for every criticism, a youth may need four positive comments to reinforce the behavior,” said Molly A. Rogers, director of the Wasco County Youth Services.

“Our incentive program is relatively inexpensive – how much does it cost for a counselor to provide a young person positive verbal feedback or to write a letter of commendation?” she added.

The Central and Eastern Oregon Juvenile Justice Consortium’s “Graduated System of Incentives, Interventions and Sanctions for Youth Offenders on Probation” is available on the JDAI HelpDesk.

For more information contact Molly Rogers at

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