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Winter 2012 | Back Issues
JDAI News, the newsletter of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, is published by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. JDAI News provides readers with site updates and results of policy and practice reforms from 144 sites in 38 states and the District of Columbia. Please forward JDAI News to your networks. Subscribe by emailing or subscribe online.
When Texas and Louisiana reduced their youth corrections populations, local JDAI practitioners simultaneously lowered their detention populations and kept youth out of secure care.
The incarceration of juvenile offenders in ineffective and violence-plagued correctional institutions harms juveniles and does not deter youth crime.
JDAI Interviews Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Thomas Brooks of Harris County (Houston), Texas.
Four states join the JDAI network.
Indiana launches JDAI statewide at August meeting.
Iowa detains 47 percent fewer African-American youth.
Local JDAI sites in Indiana and Minnesota publish summer newsletters.
JDAI standards cited in civil rights lawsuit over school’s use of handcuffs.
Vibrant murals created by detained youth go on display.
JDAI efforts in South Dakota could eliminate need to build $14 million facility.
JDAI site creates countywide inventory of available programs.
The national detention reform network receives attention from local press in Maine, South Dakota, Minnesota, Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland, and Indiana.
John Hardiman worked tirelessly on behalf of indigent defendants and to improve the criminal and juvenile justice systems.
Koch leaves Multnomah County to become San Francisco chief deputy adult probation officer.
A seasoned juvenile justice professional with a commitment to reform, to direct the Juvenile Services Division of the Department of Community Justice.
The ABA Livingston Hall Juvenile Justice Award is given to Youth Law Center attorney.
Gina Castaneda, probation officer and coach, unites rival gang members on a championship indoor-soccer team.
The U. C. Berkeley School of Social Welfare award goes to David Steinhart.
Casey Foundation announces the 2012 JDAI Fundamentals Training Team.
The Annie E. Casey Foundation is a private philanthropy that creates a brighter future for the nation’s children by developing solutions to strengthen families, build paths to economic opportunity and transform struggling communities into safer and healthier places to live, work and grow.