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Talent & Leadership Development

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Resident Leadership Coaches' Agendas

This curricula is designed for the purpose of developing leadership skills in residents living in tough communities. There is a strong focus on meeting planning, facilitation, and participation. These materials have been field-tested and used successfully over 60 times in workshops in 13 neighborhoods where the Annie E. Casey Foundation has deep connections and investments.

The materials provide guidance for leaders and trainers to conduct workshops for residents in low-income communities. They have also been used successfully with staff of community-based organizations working in these communities. Experience has shown that these curricula are most successful when done in two consecutive full-day workshops, although they can be done in smaller segments but completed within a short time frame.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation developed these curricula as a part of its Making Connections initiative. A fundamental belief of Making Connections is the premise that residents should have strong voices in decisions that are made about their neighborhoods, and that they should be provided with training and support that enables them to be better prepared for this role.

Residents living in nine Making Connections cities have now developed their skills to the extent that they are able to lead the basic Resident Leadership and Facilitation workshop (RLF)101, included in these materials. Both resident leaders and Making Connections staff have reported that participation in one or more of these workshops has made a major impact on the ability of residents to plan, lead and participate effectively in meetings and to exercise leadership skills that benefit their communities.