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Making Connections

Improving outcomes for children by strengthening families and transforming communities

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Making Connections is the Foundation’s long-term, multi-site effort to demonstrate that poor results for children and families in tough neighborhoods can be changed for the better. The 10-year initiative, begun in 1999, is in a transition phase as the knowledge garnered and lessons learned are translated into practical tools, products, and technical assistance.

Activities in selected sites continue to be directed at achieving three core benchmarks for children and families as local management entities incorporate and integrate the work:

  • More families have increased earnings and income
  • More families have increased levels of assets, and
  • More young children are healthy and prepared to succeed in school.

Achieving these results constitutes a “two-generation” approach to combating poverty and creating opportunities for families: 1) promoting family economic success for parents, and 2) ensuring that children get a good start in life, succeed in the early grades of school, and are reading proficiently by the end of 3rd grade.

Our investments in 2010 support the final phase of Making Connections. Read about the Making Connections sites.