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100Days/100Voices: What has changed for kids and families in the first 100 days?

To mark the first 100 days of the Obama Administration, the Annie E. Casey Foundation invited concerned citizens speak up and tell us – in 100 words or less, or with a video clip lasting no more than two minutes – After 100 days of the Obama Administration, are kids and families better off? Why or why not? What should be next on the agenda?

We're sharing selected photos, videos and emails collected through the campaign and promoting them throughout the Web. The campaign is designed as the start of a national conversation; we hope the discussion on progress made for kids and families will continue and remain part of the national agenda.

  • Submit your own 100 words and a photo or video.
  • Help us spread the word through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
  • See the terms of our campaign.


Minneapolis MN

May 7, 2009 | Share This

I am a grandparent with custody of my 2-year old grandson due to his mother's mental illness and drug addiction. There is very little in place to offer grandparents or any kinship provider any type of assistance – financial, healthcare, legal, daycare. Also, the costs to gain permanent custody so I have legal rights to make simple decisions such as school, health, etc. requires an attorney which most grandparents can't afford either. Much needs to change in kindship care rights/aide and foster care and I don’t see that being addressed.