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100Days/100Voices: What has changed for kids and families in the first 100 days?

To mark the first 100 days of the Obama Administration, the Annie E. Casey Foundation invited concerned citizens speak up and tell us – in 100 words or less, or with a video clip lasting no more than two minutes – After 100 days of the Obama Administration, are kids and families better off? Why or why not? What should be next on the agenda?

We're sharing selected photos, videos and emails collected through the campaign and promoting them throughout the Web. The campaign is designed as the start of a national conversation; we hope the discussion on progress made for kids and families will continue and remain part of the national agenda.

  • Submit your own 100 words and a photo or video.
  • Help us spread the word through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
  • See the terms of our campaign.

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Jim Bransdorf


Apr 28, 2009 | Share This

I followed the elections this year more intently than at any time in memory. After the inaugural festivities, one of the first things I recall President Obama doing was signing an initiative regarding equal pay for women. Leading us in this direction will have a tremendous impact on families and children, for working moms, and for showing an interest in fairness and equal rights in a tangible way. Just as important, it was heartening to know that change really has come, and that the promise and hope of the campaign can be real.