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The Casey Foundation has developed and deepened over the years a strong commitment to a work- and wealth-based approach to reducing family poverty. In keeping with our holistic investment strategy for building lasting change, Casey believes that even when poor families become attached to the workforce, it is absolutely critical to further ensure that they have jobs with decent wages and affordable benefits. Working families need career and earnings advancement, opportunities to save and become homeowners, and community supports like affordable child care to remain on the path to true self-sufficiency and family economic stability.

By investing in new models, best practices, evaluation, and policy research, Casey’s goal is to promote specific strategies that enable parents to get jobs and advance in the workforce, increase their income, and build and protect a base of assets sufficient to secure a better future for their families.

In the same way that our investments in providing direct services, reforming systems, transforming neighborhoods, and strengthening families reinforce and complement each other, this approach for helping families to build economic success has relevance for all of Casey’s work.


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