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The Annie E. Casey Foundation has earned a reputation as one of the most data-driven philanthropies in America. We gather and promote the use of data as a critical tool for change, and this emphasis is a core component of virtually every one of our major initiatives and strategies. We also routinely seek and support independent evaluation of our major initiatives to ensure that our investments are yielding intended results.

This data emphasis stems from the beliefs of our founder, Jim Casey, who established and ran UPS with a culture based on measuring and evaluating services to improve efficiency and achieve results. Being a data-driven and results-focused philanthropy has strengthened our ability to help advocates, service providers, and policymakers make better decisions that support vulnerable kids and families. Through these efforts, we seek to:

  • Promote Results-Based Accountability: Believing that decisions about programs and policy should be based on data, the Foundation is committed to providing data-driven evidence of successful innovations in system reform and community building. The Foundation also supports efforts to improve the standards widely used to judge the success of federal and state investments, including the Census and its corresponding national and state indicators of child well-being. We also broadly disseminate our findings, knowledge, and lessons to a range of audiences interested in better child and youth outcomes.
  • Build Public Will: In an effort to build public will on behalf of vulnerable children, the Foundation shares reliable data and evidence-based recommendations with philanthropies, policymakers, advocates, researchers, and community leaders to promote a deeper understanding of the factors that help strengthen families and communities.


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