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Reforming Public Systems

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System reform is a signature Casey investment area and a major emphasis of our work. We demonstrate, replicate, and advocate for changes to public human services and systems that can help them do a better job of providing effective, efficient assistance to the children and families they were designed to support. Casey’s investments are driven by our belief that systems change is critical to bringing effective programs to scale and sustaining them over time. Our work seeks to develop, implement, and sustain reforms that enable public services and systems to:

  • Reflect the needs, hopes, and dreams of families;
  • Deliver services that are close to home and culturally appropriate;
  • Track and be held accountable for measurable results;
  • Maintain adequate staff levels; and
  • Promote and support self-sufficiency .

Over the years, we’ve accumulated powerful evidence from many of our own initiatives that the right interventions can make a difference. We also know that systems change is critical to the success of our efforts to deliver exemplary services, transform neighborhoods, strengthen families, and build economic security by bringing proven programs to scale and sustaining them over time.


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