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Transforming Neighborhoods

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The Foundation seeks to demonstrate that improving the quality of the places in which our most vulnerable children and families live can make measurable and sustained improvements in their ability to survive and thrive. This work builds on and unifies Casey’s history of system and community change investments in multiple communities and neighborhoods across the country.

Our transformation strategy began as a response to statistics showing that almost half of all the negative outcomes experienced by American kids occur in fewer than 700 disinvested inner-city neighborhoods and declining rural regions. Despite some gains in these areas, we continue to see widening gaps in wealth, income, and employment among many communities of concentrated poverty.

One of the most important goals of our place-based investments is connecting families to opportunities that come about through increased economic and social activity.  Casey’s place-based expenditures seek to demonstrate the potential of our ideas in real places by focusing on several key aspirations and approaches:&

  • Ensuring that children and families can connect to opportunities that help them succeed and be self-sufficient;
  • Strengthening grassroots engagement and participation in local transformation activities as well as broader civic enterprises;and
  • Changing the futures for large numbers of at-risk kids by helping their parents succeed in the present. We know that kids do well when their families do well and that families do better when they live in supportive neighborhoods and communities.


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