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Families Count - Maryland Honorees

2005 Honorees


CASA of Maryland
Takoma Park
Immigrant and refugee families throughout the region have gained a voice and learned to advocate for their rights through CASA. They also find services that move them forward, including legal assistance, language classes, job training and job placements with fair employers.

Center for Fathers, Family and Workforce Development
The Center reaches out to young men to help them grow into their roles as fathers and partners. Through its 50/50 program, both mothers and fathers find peer groups, help in co-parenting and support for job success. The Center also works to reconnect ex-offenders to their families.


The Family Center of the Cumberland YMCA
Focusing on young families, the Center strengthens parents' confidence, parenting skills and earning potential, while early childhood development programs help their children thrive. The Center also makes it possible for young families to take part in all YMCA programs and activities.


Garrett County Community Action Committee
In the isolated communities of Appalachia, GCCAC brings community leaders together and fuels economic development to create new opportunities for families. At GCCAC, parents can also build savings, buy their first homes, gain parenting support and learn job skills.


The Kent Family Center
In rural Kent County, the Family Center creates a second home for families. Activities that build community, such as a community garden, complement programs ranging from high-quality child care and after-school programs to classes about parenting and financial management.


New Song Urban Ministries
Residents of Sandtown in West Baltimore work side-by-side with faith-based New Song to rebuild their community block by block and transform lives. Children blossom in pre-school, a K-8 school and music programs, while other programs help parents own homes and succeed in jobs.


Southern Maryland Tri-County Community Action Committee
In Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties, Tri-County has pioneered programs that help low-income families band together and use sweat equity to build their own homes. An array of educational programs and community-building activities also strengthens families.