Giving Former Prisoners Positive Returns

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Read the story of Rodney Evans, a former addict who got his life back on track with help from Project RETURN, a support program for ex-prisoners. The Casey Foundation supports reentry work through programs, policies and practices that improve the employment prospects of former prisoners in an effort to reduce recidivism, increase public safety and improve outcomes for children and families affected by incarceration.

June 20, 2011

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Broken Bonds

Understanding and Addressing the Needs of Children with Incarcerated Parents


Recent research indicates that parents in prison exert a unique influence on child outcomes. This literature review offers a synthesis of data and  makes recommendations for those involved in research, policy and service delivery for this population. 

February 10, 2008

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Ensuring Success for Children with Incarcerated Parents


This guide, produced by the Association of Small Foundations, spotlights what we know (and don't know) about parental incarceration. In four fast pages, it arms funders with key discussion points, resources and real-world options for supporting these vulnerable families and preserving the priceless parent-child bond—even when that parent is behind bars. 

November 1, 2008

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Children and Families with Incarcerated Parents

Exploring Development in the Field and Opportunities for Growth


In 2007, the Annie E. Casey Foundation convened two teams of experts to discuss parental incarceration and its impact on families. Beyond summarizing the key lessons from these sessions, this report also spells out what we still need to learn about the issue, where we can be doing more and how the Foundation has already invested in aiding these vulnerable children and families.  

January 1, 2008

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Reentry: Helping Former Prisoners Return to Communities

A Guide to Key Ideas, Effective Approaches, and TA Resources for Making Connections Cities and Site Teams


This report provides community-based, family strengthening solutions to meeting the needs of released prisoners and of the families whose spouses, parents or loved ones are involved in the criminal justice system. 

January 10, 2005

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More Than a Job

Final Results from the Evaluation of the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) Transitional Jobs Program


This report outlines and evaluates the results of the Center for Employment Opportunity program, which aims to help former prisoners improve their job prospects and reduce the chances of landing back in jail.

January 1, 2012

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Partnerships Between Corrections and Child Welfare

Collaboration for Change, Part Two

Practice Guide

The criminal justice system interacts with many of the same families involved in the child welfare system and while it makes sense that these systems would work together, too often they do not. This guide describes ways that the two systems can work together to improve and strengthen family and community bonds.

January 1, 2001

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