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Child Welfare

Ensuring that children who have been abused or neglected grow up in families and get the help they need to heal, build lasting family relationships and reach their full potential.

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We want vulnerable kids to have a bright future. That’s why we work tirelessly to advance solutions that improve the well-being of kids in America.

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What Do Casey Child Welfare Consultants Do?

Blog Post

Child Welfare Strategy Group consultants help child welfare leaders and their staff champion reforms that benefit kids and families. We work closely with leaders to strengthen agency management, finances, operations, policy, communications and frontline practice.

November 26, 2012

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Organic Philanthropy

Small Investments, Big Results


In this report, the Casey Foundation introduces a new approach — Organic Philanthropy — aimed at propelling and sustaining positive community change. Readers will see this practice in action, as Casey recounts how it leveraged local resources and modest seed money to revitalize and expand aid for disadvantaged families in Native American and Southern-border communities.  

January 1, 2009

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Foundation Announces New Human Services Frontline Practice Strategy

News Release

In order to shift to a grantmaking strategy that will help hundreds of foster care and other nonprofit human services agencies adopt innovative, proven approaches to improve child welfare practices, the Annie E. Casey Foundation will discontinue providing direct services through Casey Family Services.

June 26, 2012

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Tech Solutions for Pressing Human Services Problems

Casey Foundation Board Chair Michael L. Eskew; Foundation President and CEO Patrick McCarthy; and former Foundation President and CEO Douglas W. Nelson delivered remarks at the Symposium of the Future of Child Welfare.

April 7, 2011

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Icebreaker Meetings

A Tool for Building Relationships Between Birth and Foster Parents

Practice Guide

The Casey Foundation created this step-by-step practice guide with several online appendices to help child welfare agencies understand Icebreaker family meetings and shift into "parent partner" mode. 

January 1, 2012

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For Every Kid, A Forever Family


This brochure provides an overview of Lifelong Families, a practice model developed and tested by the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s former direct service agency, Casey Family Services. The document highlights the values, principle components and benefits of the model, as well as early successes at improving the outcomes for children and youth in foster care. This model is intended to serve as a method of improving foster care practice within private child welfare agencies and advancing permanency outcomes especially for older youth in treatment foster care.

January 1, 2012

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