Meet the Disease Control Expert Who is Curing an Epidemic of Gun Violence

Posted July 25, 2016, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Gary Slutkin, MD

After years of battling disease outbreaks like tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS overseas, physician and epidemiologist Gary Slutkin returned to the United States to discover a surprisingly virulent scourge tearing Americans apart: Gun violence.

His response? Establishing the nonprofit Cure Violence, which employs disease control and behavior change methods to help prevent and reduce gun violence.

In this episode of CaseyCast, host Lisa Hamilton and Slutkin examine how the Cure Violence model works and discuss the enormous and untapped potential of public health departments in addressing community violence.

Other conversation points include:

  • How gun violence threatens the safety and stability of communities.
  • Where Cure Violence intersects with community police.
  • How the model adapts to different community needs.
  • The relationship between community violence and economic inequity.

About Gary Slutkin

In addition serving as the executive director of Cure Violence, Gary Slutkin is a professor of epidemiology and international health at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a senior advisor to the World Health Organization.

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