The Annie E. Casey Foundation's Children and Family Fellowship Program has two functions: to develop leadership dedicated to serving  vulnerable populations, and to create a cohort of like-minded people who cross-fertilize and build an ever-widening array of successful programs. There are vignettes of 5 Fellows included here; they are pieces of our larger story. We offer these stories as a window into our cumulative impact.

November 1, 2007

In This Report, You’ll Learn

  1. 1

    Background about the Children and Family Fellowship.

  2. 2

    What makes the Fellowship unique in its approach to leadership development for experienced human services and community development professionals.

  3. 3

    How the fellowship creates an impact through its alumni network.

  4. 4

    The stories of five fellows describing their fellowship experience and how it helped them in their professional endeavors.

Key Takeaway

Casey Fellows hold positions that allow them to have a major impact on the lives of children and families.

The Fellowship is an intensive leadership development program that gives accomplished human services and community development professionals an opportunity to build their skills, vision and professional networks. 

Findings & Stats

Statements & Quotations