Good Jobs and Careers

What Communities Need to do to Train and Move Low-Income, Low-Skilled People into Good Jobs and Careers

…for families, but also for communities as a whole. Improving child outcomes clearly requires increasing

October 27, 2004

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Introduction to Family Strengthening

The State of Family Well-Being, Policy Brief #1

…In 2000, 28% of American families with children were headed by a single parent.  ... This paper describes a new way of thinking about families raising children in low-income ... , is that children do well when families do well, and that families do well when they live in supportive communities ... that affect them result in better outcomes for children and their families, and how this new way of thinking

October 24, 2004

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Parental Involvement in Education

Policy Brief No. 3

…parents have a say in decisions related to their children’s schooling.   ... businesses offer flexible work schedules, letting parents participate in their kid's education. ... The competing demands of work, transportation, child care can overwhelm parents and prevent them ... from participating in their kid's school despite a desire to become more involved. 

October 8, 2004

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Making KIDS COUNT in Rural Northern New England

…The human costs of child poverty are high. Poor children are more likely to attend under-funded ... ; as part of a larger effort to explore child-well being in rural America. The resulting reports aim ... resources for their children's education and barriers to affordable, accessible health care.

October 3, 2004

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Building Better Lives for Youth Leaving Foster Care

…This report aims to understand how Arizona’s foster care youth are faring during ... their transition to independent living. It shares feedback from current and former foster care youth across Arizona ... and outlines key findings and recommendations aimed at bolstering support and services for youth exiting care ... Information about the youth interviewed for this report.

September 4, 2004

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