States as Innovators in Low-Income Health Coverage

This paper focuses on state efforts to extend health insurance coverage to low-income Americans. It reviews the mechanisms available to do so and identifies 13 innovative states that have effectively pushed coverage well beyond levels required by law. 

June 21, 2002

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AdvoCasey: Summer 2002

Work First, What Next?

…Every parent knows that balancing work and child-rearing responsibilities is a delicate challenge ... How child care complicates the welfare-to-work transition. ... . It is all the more difficult for single parents with young children living in economically fragile families.

June 20, 2002

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Casey Connects: Summer 2002

Making Work Count for Low-Income Families

…A juvenile detention system that treats all youth equally is possible – just ask Oregon’s Multnomah ... Families with children are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population.

June 20, 2002

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Caregiver's Handbook for Money Pals

Being Cool with Cash and I Know Where I'm Going

…Written for caregivers of foster youth, this guide helps foster kids prepare for the future ... Money is an emotionally charged issue reflecting our related experiences as children. ... Foster youth easily confuse ‘self worth’ with ‘net worth’ relying ... Teaching foster youth about money may not be the solution to every challenge they face, but it can

June 17, 2002

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Team Decisionmaking: Building Community Partnerships in Child Welfare (Part 2)

Involving the Family and Community in Child Welfare Decisions

…and communities to reform their foster care system. Since its inception in 1992, F2F showed that child welfare ... and on the same page in working for the safety, care and well-being of the child. This manual outlines steps ... How team decisionmaking helps ensure the safety of the child ... Team decisionmaking can be particularly powerful as a vehicle for older children and 

June 9, 2002

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What is Trauma?

…of the child by recognizing trauma symptoms, helping children with trauma, and referring them to appropriate ... disorder (PTSD) and trauma. It tells how traumatic events can impact children and offers four

June 4, 2002

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