Nearly Six Million Kids Are Impacted by Parental Incarceration

…the highest proportion of children affected — close to one in five kids have lost a parent ... . The incarceration of a parent can be devastating to a family’s stability and have as much impact on a child ... incarceration. Access family and community data on the KIDS COUNT Data Center: Children who had a parent who ... Close to six million kids in America have experienced losing a parent to prison or jail at some

November 17, 2017

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Plan-Do-Study-Act Charts a Course for Boosting Graduation Rates Among Youth on Probation

…year, the average number of credits earned by youth on probation increased dramatically — by 143 ... attendance, credit accrual and, ultimately, the high school graduation rates of youth on probation ... , parents relayed that they felt more involved in their child’s education. The team is now working ... ’t be complete until we reach our ultimate goal of ensuring that all youth on probation

February 11, 2019

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Two-Minute Reviews: Videos Recap 2019 Data Book Findings

…videos that break down key data-driven topics: how the child population has changed since 1990 and how ... states compare in areas of child well-being. Watch it now: How has the U.S. child population changed ... since 1990? This video tells how America’s child population has grown — and grown more ... reminds leaders and communities to invest in policies that expand access to child tax credits and health

June 17, 2019

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Children in Foster Care Increasingly Likely to Live in Families

…, policymakers and child welfare leaders to use this information to create better outcomes for youth who have ... Care Placement,” using data from child welfare systems across all 50 states and the District ... . The report finds that nationwide care systems placed 86% of these children in families in 2017, compared ... remained stagnant, and there are persistent racial disparities for children of all ages in foster care

April 2, 2019

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David Muhammad on Reinventing Juvenile Probation

…Muhammad is dedicated to changing. A criminal justice and youth development expert, Muhammad currently ... for Washington DC’s Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services. Otherwise put: Muhammad has seen &mdash ... in supporting youth. What a better model of support looks like for young people in need. Examples of diversion ... , assess their needs and then develop a plan with the youth and the family at the table.” &ldquo

April 23, 2019

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