Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Scale-Up

Study of Four States

This report identifies critical success factors for four states — Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri and New Mexico — that accelerated the spread of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative® across their local jurisdictions.

February 28, 2019

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For Youth in Foster Care, the Road to Driving is a Bumpy Ride

…, for youth exiting foster care, this rite of passage is often littered with obstacles — from DMV fees ... to costly automobile insurance rates. “Youth in foster care meet challenges each step of the way ... professor who runs the Children’s Advocacy Clinic for Penn State’s School of Law ... that states can make to help these youth get behind the wheel — and get ahead in life. This advice

February 26, 2019

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Training Young Women to Become Researchers — and Study Their Own Community's Challenges

…face many challenges, including higher rates of child poverty, single motherhood and teen births ... . It’s also home to an innovative effort by three nonprofits — StriveTogether, Youth Initiative ... to career development opportunities, how youth are informing the work in Adams County, and what the local ... Podcasts SoundCloud Stitcher YouTube In This Episode on Youth and Workforce Development, You’ll

February 21, 2019

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Pursuing the Equitable Implementation of Effective Programs

Evidence-based programs that improve the lives of residents in white neighborhoods don’t necessarily reap the same results in communities of color. This disconnect drew 21 researchers together in late 2018 to discuss importance of integrating racial and ethnic equity and inclusion into implementation science and practice. The group gave particular attention to the role that a community’s culture, history, values and needs play in a proven program’s success.

February 12, 2019

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Plan-Do-Study-Act Charts a Course for Boosting Graduation Rates Among Youth on Probation

…year, the average number of credits earned by youth on probation increased dramatically — by 143 ... attendance, credit accrual and, ultimately, the high school graduation rates of youth on probation ... , parents relayed that they felt more involved in their child’s education. The team is now working ... ’t be complete until we reach our ultimate goal of ensuring that all youth on probation

February 11, 2019

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Five Things to Know About the New Juvenile Justice Act

…found guilty by a judge of committing a delinquent act and one parent of a youth adjudicated in this way ... ; school-based offenses; pregnant youth in custody; and child abuse and neglect reports related to youth ... Act (JJDPA) set new standards for jurisdictions to treat youth in ways appropriate for their age ... , to reduce discrimination and disparate outcomes for youth of color and to provide a continuum of services

February 8, 2019

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Data Tells How Virginia's Youth Justice System is Headed Toward a Better Future

…A growing number of states are moving their juvenile justice systems away from the youth prison ... youth in 2015 to 216 youth in 2018). Youth in Virginia were being held in confinement for relatively ... long lengths of stay compared to youth confined in other states, according to a Casey Foundation ... . Reinvesting in better alternatives: Instead of incarcerating youth in institutions, DJJ created alternatives

February 6, 2019

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