Race Equity and Inclusion Action Guide

Embracing Equity: 7 Steps to Advance and Embed Race Equity and Inclusion Within Your Organization

…If we expect to help all children succeed, we must do more than closing gaps and pointing ... to disparities. All of our work must strive to achieve race equity, a state in which all children have the same

January 8, 2015

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Child Welfare Strategy Group

…More than 686,000 children each year experience abuse and neglect. The Child Welfare Strategy Group ... . Children need support from results-focused child welfare agencies. ... CWSG helps child welfare agencies, practitioners and policymakers do better by children ... can reduce child removals, as Hampton, Virginia, has proven. Virginia cut the number of children

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Detention Reform in Rural Jurisdictions

challenges and opportunities

…Country Kid Versus City Kid ... monitor and supervise youths as needed. Next, utilize existing programs and facilities for children. Third ... of their many innovative solutions include: 1. Creating a family resource model, which placed youth in pre ... technologies to facilitate psychiatric consultations for youth in far-flung areas.     

January 1, 2008

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Controlling the Front Gates

Effective Admission Policies and Practices

…of thousands of American children who are unfairly detained each year: Help is coming — and it starts ... Why so many youth are unnecessarily detained ... Most states have vague eligibility requirements that permit almost any child to be permitted ... to detention for almost any reason. In fact, on any given day, seven out of 10 youth in detention are charged

April 1, 1999

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Program Area

Civic Sites

Children experience the stresses of poverty alongside their parents, with long-term consequences ... Children and families in high-poverty areas frequently lack access to the education and health ... services that are essential to healthy child development. ... Family stability and parent engagement are key for healthy development and school readiness.

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JDAI Practices Ease Flow of Committed Youth to State Corrections and Sustain Lower Populations

…Texas and Louisiana have recently seen substantial reductions in their youth corrections ... of confinement. The Texas legislature passed sweeping reform legislation banning youth with low-level offenses ... . These changes raised concern that local detention centers would end up housing those adjudicated youth who could ... . As admissions to state youth corrections declined, local officials were concurrently implementing JDAI

December 13, 2012

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Overview: The JDAI Story

Building a Better Juvenile Detention System

…to better serve America’s troubled youth. Read their stories, struggles and successes, and find out ... The main goal of JDAI was deceptively simple, yet incredibly difficult to realize: Identify youth ... ; this move gave officials an option for temporarily housing youth who didn’t qualify for detention ... In city after city around the country, children picked up for minor infractions of the rules were

January 1, 1999

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More Children Living in Single-Parent Families

…, the District of Columbia and the 50 largest cities: Children in single-parent families Child population ... In 2012, 35% of children (24.7 million) lived in single-parent families. While there was little ... has increased by 13% (4 million children) since 2000. Kids living in single-parent families are four ... Single-parent families with related children that are below poverty Married-couple families with related

October 7, 2013

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