Get Involved: Advocates for Change in Juvenile Justice

…juvenile justice work to include reducing youth incarceration in the system's "deep end." Because ... and advocate for better youth and family outcomes. If you would like to join the movement to improve juvenile ... : Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth CFSY is a national coalition and clearinghouse focused on fair ... and age-appropriate sentences for youth, with a focus on abolishing life without parole sentences

August 9, 2018

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JDAI’s Deep-End Sites Safely and Significantly Reduce Rates of Youth Confinement

…. These results offer early evidence that communities can preserve public safety and hold youth accountable while ... helping to ensure that young people, especially youth of color, can recover from their mistakes and make ... a healthy transition into adulthood. Read or download Leading With Race to Reimagine Youth Justice ... also evokes the unfortunate reality that youth who are plunged into the deep end of the system often

May 4, 2020

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A New Way to Log On to JDAIconnect

…JDAIconnect, the online community for JDAI® practitioners and everyone who cares about youth ... on numerous aspects of juvenile justice reform, including transforming juvenile probation and reducing youth ... incarceration. Access training on demand on subjects such as supporting LGBTQI youth in the juvenile justice

June 9, 2020

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Lessons From New York City’s Efforts to Close Youth Prisons

…The growing number of states and counties looking to replace youth incarceration with more ... and missteps, according to a new case study funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Moving Beyond Youth ... youth justice system over the last decade, following a U.S. Justice Department investigation ... and established small local residential programs. Read about the momentum building in states to end the youth

March 16, 2019

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Auxiliary Materials

…;18 [excel] Table 1.13 - Percentage of children in single-parent families, 2010 and 2018 [excel ... 3 - Child and teen mortality Table 3.1 - Deaths by injury type to children and teens ages 1&ndash ... breakouts and more. Table 1 - Significance testing Table 1.1 - Percentage of children in poverty, 2010 ... and 2018 [excel] Table 1.2 - Percentage of children whose parents lack secure employment, 2010 and 2018

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Pierce County Illustrates Rewards of Digging Deeper Into Data to Reduce Bias

…the kinks in the system that result in a disproportionate number of youth of color in detention. Using data ... youth was 10 days, versus seven days for white youth. Research showed that youth of color, with low ... or moderate risk scores, remained in detention far more often than white youth with similar number, often ... because parents refused to accept custody. Data analysis pointed out to policymakers that black youth were

April 8, 2013

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Five Questions with Casey: Mike Laracy and the Policy Landscape for Kids and Families

…reforms that would help children and youth in crisis? We are working to help states overhaul their child ... to parent children in progressively safer and more nurturing households. At the same time, we must invest ... in children and youth through quality early learning opportunities and the development of a career pipeline ... ;s efforts to inform and influence federal and state policies that help children, families and communities

August 2, 2013

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Reliance on Incarcerating Youth Offenders Not Paying Off for States, Taxpayers or Kids, Report Finds

…of $88,000 per youth, is not paying off from a public safety, rehabilitation or cost perspective, according ... incarceration of juvenile offenders is a failed strategy for combating youth crime because it: Does ... not reduce future offending by confined youth: Within three years of release, roughly three-quarters of youth ... deliver equal or better results for a fraction of the cost.   Exposes youth to violence and abuse

October 4, 2011

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