Fixing a Broken System

Transforming Maine's Child Welfare system

…After a child fatality in 2001, Maine’s child welfare and protective services came under ... to the consequences of removing children from their familiar surroundings. The fact is, Maine’s approach ... to child protection was not all that different from practices in plenty of other jurisdictions ... a child – who ultimately died – from a dangerous situation. The result: a loss in balance

January 1, 2009

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Community Safety and Justice

A Guide to Key Ideas, Effective Approached, and Technical Assistance Resources for Making Connections Cities and Site Teams

…From 1985-95, the juvenile detention rate for white youth dropped by 13%, while increasing ... by 180% for African-American youth and 140% for Hispanic youth during the same period. ... though they are home to just 5% of the nation's youth. ... Three times as many youth--ages 12-17--were victimized by violence than adults in 1994.

January 1, 2000

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Kinship Care: Supporting Those Who Raise Our Children

Elders as Resources Intergenerational Strategies Series

…Despite the large numbers of children being raised by relatives, the knowledge that these children ... More than 6 million children across the country lived in homes maintained by grandparents ... Evidence suggests that children in kinship care have more stable living situations. 

January 1, 2005

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Four Approaches to Family Team Meetings

…This document introduces four approaches to involving families in child welfare decisions ... A 2005 survey identified more than 50 different names for practices that involve families in child ... Permanency Teaming uses a blend of individual, joint and large team meetings to address a child ... In Team Decision-Making meetings, sessions focus on whether or not to move a child&mdash

January 1, 2013

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