Securing America’s Future in Education

…to undocumented immigrant children who have grown up in America and consider the United States home. ... Good for children, good for America ... While the 1982 Plyer v. Doe Supreme Court ruling guaranteed undocumented children with access ... to a K-12 education, these children are left with limited opportunities upon their high school graduation

January 1, 2010

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Fostering Resident Voice and Influence

The Making Connections Experience With Resident Engagement and Leadership

This report presents insights the Casey Foundation gained after more than a decade of working with residents to achieve better results during Making Connections, the Foundation’s signature community change effort of the 2000s.

September 1, 2016

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Evaluation of Systems Reform in the AECF Mental Health Initiative for Urban Children

Final Evaluation Report

…Health Initiative (MHI) for Urban Children, implemented in the early 1990s. The MHI created innovative ...  ways of delivering culturally appropriate, family-focused mental health services to children ... Approximately 20% of all children have a diagnosable mental disorder with those in poverty less ... For children living in low income communities, the combination of more acute mental health problems

May 1, 2000

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How Does Family Well-Being Vary Across Different Types of Neighborhoods?

Low-Income Working Families: Paper 6

…at differences across types of neighborhood environments in the well-being of families and children.  ... ;The authors examine data on earnings, access to services and supports, child well-being and more to shed new ... of their children. ... The impact of poverty on adults and children in affected neighborhoods.

April 1, 2006

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Controlling the Front Gates

Effective Admission Policies and Practices

…of thousands of American children who are unfairly detained each year: Help is coming — and it starts ... Why so many youth are unnecessarily detained ... Most states have vague eligibility requirements that permit almost any child to be permitted ... to detention for almost any reason. In fact, on any given day, seven out of 10 youth in detention are charged

April 1, 1999

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