Opening Doors for Young Parents

Policy Report

…This report reminds policymakers and child advocates of the barriers that young families face ... that these parents face are exacerbated by discrimination and systemic inequities, and their children stand to suffer ... to understand children's developmental stages.   ... young parent is in custody.

September 25, 2018

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Partnerships Between Corrections and Child Welfare

Collaboration for Change, Part Two

Practice Guide

…communities with a history of placing large numbers of children out of their homes (i.e., the states ... County). Partnerships Between Corrections and Child Welfare: Collaboration for Change, Part Two explores ... the gap between the systems--which results in tremendous hardship on children, caretakers, families  ... The scope of the problem and its immediate and long-lasting effects on children (e.g

January 1, 2001

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Broken Bonds

Understanding and Addressing the Needs of Children with Incarcerated Parents


…Support for children with an incarcerated parent ... Over 1.5 million children had a parent in state or federal prison in 2002. ... Children who maintain contact with their parent during incarceration exhibit fewer disruptive ... The barriers to communication between a child and his or her incarcerated parent are tremendous

February 10, 2008

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Understanding the Maze: If Your Child Has Contact With the Law

A Parent's Resource Guide


… the New York City criminal and juvenile justice system to help a justice-involved child ... What parents can do if their child becomes involved in the New York City juvenile justice system. ... How parental involvement can help a justice-involved child. ... What to expect after your child is arrested.

May 10, 2009

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New Casey Report Recommends Policies to Help Millions of Children With Incarcerated Parents

News Release

…an incarcerated parent. Research shows that the incarceration of a parent can have as much impact on a child ... . More than 5 million children have experienced the separation of a parent due to incarceration ... percentage figures of children who have had an incarcerated parent. Racial disparities are also a distressing ... help millions of children who struggle with emotional and financial instability as a result of having

April 25, 2016

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Children and Families with Incarcerated Parents

Exploring Development in the Field and Opportunities for Growth


parent and their child.       ... On any given day in America, it is estimated that more than 1.5 million children have a parent ... Children and families affected by the incarceration of a parent face a multitude of risk factors ... financially, socially and emotionally. Even more, the children in these families lose vital time

January 1, 2008

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Building on Strength: Positive Youth Development in Juvenile Justice Programs


…by incarcerating youth, imposing sanctions on them and thereby reducing the likelihood of future offenses ... to improve their intervention approaches from a strength-based, positive youth development perspective. ... Principles of positive youth development. ... How some juvenile justice systems are working to incorporate a strength-based positive youth

September 4, 2008

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