Ohio County Expands Diversion for Youth With Misdemeanor Charges

The Casey Foundation awarded Lucas County, Ohio, which includes the city of Toledo, a probation transformation grant to test part a new approach in juvenile probation. The Foundation believes that a significant percentage of those youth who would be customarily placed on probation would be better served if their cases were diverted from court.

February 5, 2017

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New Guidelines Show How To Replace Youth Prisons With Community Services

Beyond Bars: Keeping Young People Safe at Home and Out of Youth Prisons offers a framework for juvenile justice administrators, legislators, judges, nonprofit organizations and youth advocates to dramatically reduce the practice of youth incarceration, promote public safety and restore a sense of belonging for young people in their homes and neighborhoods.

January 9, 2017

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Beyond Bars

Keeping Young People Safe at Home and Out of Youth Prisons

This report provides a clear blueprint for closing youth prisons and replacing them with community-based juvenile justice services. Readers will learn how this new system can hold youth accountable — without resorting to incarceration — while cultivating a young person’s strengths, interests and sense of belonging. 

January 7, 2017

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The Future of Youth Justice

A Community-Based Alternative to the Youth Prison Model

America’s longstanding youth prison model, which emphasizes confinement and control, exacerbates youth trauma and inhibits positive growth while failing to address public safety.  This report delivers a clear and compelling call to close these youth prisons. It also introduces readers to an alternate model — rooted in a continuum of community-based programs — that aims to set all children on a pathway to success.

October 21, 2016

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