Building Financial Capability for Youth Transitioning from Foster Care

This issue brief arrives 13 years after the launch of Opportunity Passport™, a targeted intervention seeking to build financial capability in youth transitioning out of foster care. Readers will learn about the initiative’s latest participant survey results, strategies for expanding the Opportunity Passport™ framework, and how policy makers can help strengthen financial literacy and experiences among foster care youth. Opportunity Passport™ is a product of the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative.  

July 11, 2014

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From Foster Home to Homeless

Strategies to Prevent Homelessness for Youth Transitioning From Foster Care

In America, too many youth are getting too old for foster care and falling into homelessness. This brief, a product of the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, analyzes what we’re getting wrong — and how we can fix our patchwork system of supports. Even more, it offers fresh ideas on how we can keep this vulnerable demographic off the streets and striding toward adulthood on solid, stable ground.  

June 13, 2014

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When Child Welfare Works: Discussions from the Field

A Proposal to Finance Best Practices

Since the release of When Child Welfare Works: A Working Paper, many organizations and individuals have weighed in with significant feedback on comprehesive child welfare systems reform, and in the spirit of continuing a public dialogue about this critical issue, this document presents the collective feedback on the recommendations presented in the working paper.

May 20, 2014

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Extending Foster Care Beyond 18: Housing Options for Young Adults

This brief spotlights housing options that states can consider as they plan to extend foster care beyond the age of 18. It is a product of Success Beyond 18, a national campaign by the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative aimed at forging a better path for young people who are transitioning from foster care to adulthood.

February 14, 2014

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