On the Road

Car Ownership as an Asset Building Strategy for Reducing Transportation Related Barriers to Work

This report explores seven of the more promising car ownership programs across the United States designed to help improve mobility and job access for the working poor and welfare recipients.

March 5, 2002

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A Path Forward for Camden

This report examines the current state of Camden, New Jersey at the time of this report and the story behind its downfall. It also outlines critical next steps for jumpstarting the city’s recovery and must-have components of a potential turnaround plan.

June 13, 2001

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Casey Connects: Summer 2001

Initiative Aims to Ease the Pain of Transition From Foster Care

This issue of Casey Connects spotlights transitions. It unveils three new Foundation initiatives breaking fresh ground and highlights the racially impactful, Oscar-nominated film Legacy, revealing a family’s transformation in ghetto Chicago after the murder of their shining star son. 

June 1, 2001

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Replicating Detention Reform

Lessons from the Florida Detention Initiative

This report compares two reform initiatives with nearly identical objectives yet drastically different final chapters. Readers will learn how officials successfully reduced local detention center populations and why a similar statewide effort failed just years later. Replicating Detention Reform is the 12th installment in a series devoted to identifying more effective, efficient alternatives to juvenile detention.     

April 1, 2001

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Has the Jury Reached a Verdict?

States’ Early Experiences with Crowd Out under SCHIP

This report shares results of a study that asked if states were concerned about crowd out under the State Children’s Health Insurance Program and, if so, how they were addressing these concerns. To complete this study, researchers conducted site visits and telephone interviews with representatives in 18 states. 

March 27, 2001

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AdvoCasey: Spring 2001

Heavy Duty

This issue of AdvoCasey examines options for providing tax breaks to those who need them most — poor and near-poor working families. Readers will also learn about critical housing needs nationwide and specific state-based efforts to connect residents to health care and better child care options.    AdvoCasey is a seasonal Casey newsletter with themed issues that spotlight programs and policies making measurable differences in the lives of kids and families.

March 21, 2001

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Casey Connects: Spring 2000

Pioneering Panel Hastens Pace Of Child Welfare Reform

This issue of Casey Connects proves how true transformation starts with the heart — the heart of the individual as well as the heart of a public system — as three Casey reform initiatives are dissected. 

March 1, 2000

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Restoring Fathers to Families and Communities

Six Steps for Policymakers

This detailed, six-step guide tells state and local officials how to act, legislatively and administratively, to help America’s fathers help their children. At every step, it offers clear recommendations for promoting father involvement, examples from the front lines and resources for learning more. 

February 20, 2000

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New Hope for Low-Income Workers

Improving Economic and Child Outcomes in Milwaukee

In 1994, Milwaukee implemented a two-year program, New Hope, that provided low-income working families with a flexible package of earnings supplements and services. The results? Glorious. Parents benefited from a boost in employment and earnings. Equally noteworthy: Their kids — specifically their sons — had fewer behavioral issues and better academic success.   

June 22, 1999

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