Moving Up Is A Steep Climb

Parents’ Work and Children’s Welfare in the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Jobs Initiative

Researchers spent 18 months following families to better understand how parental employment intersects with child well-being. Their study focused on 10 low-income families from two Jobs Initiative sites — Seattle and Milwaukee. The goal? Learn how workforce development impacts a parent’s job mobility and if this mobility — or lack thereof — affects their kids.

April 20, 2002

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Providing the Missing Link

A Model for a Neighborhood-Focused Employment Program

This report presents a model for implementing a neighborhood-focused workforce development strategy. 

March 2, 2002

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Extending Ladders

Findings from the Annie E. Casey's Jobs Initiative

This report summarizes key outcomes and lessons from the Casey Foundation's Jobs Initiative, which emphasized workforce development reforms on behalf of low-skilled job seekers.

November 2, 2001

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Taking the Initiative on Jobs and Race

Innovations in Workforce Development for Minority Job Seekers and Employers

This Jobs Initiative report explores racial discrimination against low-skilled workers in regional labor markets – and what can be done about it.

November 2, 2001

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Systems Reform in the Jobs Initiative

Lessons from Using the Framework for Labor Market Systems Reform

This policy brief looks at the challenges and opportunities of pursuing systems change related to job retention and advancement for low-income workers. 

July 3, 2001

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Connecting Families to Jobs

A Guide to Key Ideas, Effective Approaches, and Technical Assistance Resources for the Making Connections Cities and Site Teams.

A comprehensive guide to strategies for connecting low-income workers to jobs that pay family-supporting wages and provide flexibility and assistance to parents raising children. 

August 14, 2000

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Casey Connects: Summer 2000

2000 KIDS COUNT Emphasizes Need For Connections

This issue of Casey Connects highlights the 2000 KIDS COUNT Data Book essay along with Casey initiatives and partnerships out to transform the lives of vulnerable families and children — be it through better job training, social connections, immigrant supports or direct services. 

June 23, 2000

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