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New Grants to Help Strengthen Workforce Development in Casey’s Hometowns

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A young woman working in a production facility.

The National Fund for Workforce Solutions recently awarded four communities nearly $2.4 million in combined grants to promote economic mobility among low-wage workers and address gaps in local workforce systems. Organizations in Atlanta and Baltimore were named as recipients, as well as collaboratives in Cleveland and Syracuse.

Posted February 12, 2019

Pursuing the Equitable Implementation of Effective Programs

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Evidence-based programs that improve the lives of residents in white neighborhoods don’t necessarily reap the same results in communities of color. This disconnect drew 21 researchers together in late 2018 to discuss importance of integrating racial and ethnic equity and inclusion into implementation science and practice. The group gave particular attention to the role that a community’s culture, history, values and needs play in a proven program’s success.

Posted February 12, 2019

Departing Casey President and CEO Talks Change, Challenges and Lessons

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Patrick McCarthy talks about his legacy on CaseyCast

In a new podcast episode, the Casey Foundation's Lisa Hamilton interviews Patrick McCarthy as he retires as president and CEO about how the Foundation has changed during this career, what he’s learned along the way and why he has a lot of hope for the nation’s younger generations.

Posted December 19, 2018

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Building Baltimore's Next Economy

Greater Baltimore has significant assets on which to build a more opportunity-rich next economy, but they aren’t being fully exploited. What can be done?