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Introduction to the Results Count™ Path to Equity


This introduction and an accompanying video describe four skills that help leaders to achieve better and more equitable results. The skills are part of Results Count, the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s approach to leadership development. Learn more about becoming a more effective leader here.

Posted June 26, 2019

Casey Strengthens Infrastructure for Advancing Racial Equity

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Many organizations are looking to design an infrastructure that integrates a focus on racial equity at every turn — and the Annie E. Casey Foundation is no exception. Learn how the National Equity Project has helped create organizational change.

Posted June 16, 2019

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What We Know

Succession Planning for Nonprofits

Managing successions proactively will do more than calm the churning associated with transitions; it will make the nonprofit sector stronger than ever.

learning results-based leadership

Results-Based Leadership is based on five core competencies, two foundational frameworks and two foundational skills. Start achieving stronger results today.

supporting innovation and risk-taking

Casey's alumni network of Children and Family Fellows sponsors a grants program to support leadership efforts, innovation and risk-taking. Learn what a decade of investments has produced.