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Blocks of row homes in a Baltimore neighborhood

How the Informal Housing Market Deepens Racial Inequities in Baltimore

For low-income families, the pathway to homeownership often falls outside the bounds of the formal mortgage system. A new report sheds light on these informal markets in Baltimore and how they often disadvantage buyers and exacerbate racial inequities.

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A recent survey of national trends in child welfare funding and agency spending finds that out-of-home placements continue to be a greater financing priority than preventive services. Read to learn how agencies can evaluate and prioritize spending to improve outcomes.

Identifying Best Approaches With Research and Data

The Casey Foundation is supporting research to help strengthen rural families.

Helping Rural Kids and Parents Succeed

Learn more about Casey's work to support Rural IMPACT, a federal initiative to reduce poverty in 10 sites through coordinated services for both children and parents.

Members of the Casey Foundation's Leaders in Evaluation and Equitable Diversity cohort.

Improving Evaluation Science With Diversity

The Foundation's Leaders in Equitable Evaluation and Diversity seeks to increase the diversity of leaders in the evluation space to improve the knowledge base and make better and more inclusive science and social innovation.

Federal financing for child welfare services is an important driver of services and policy decisions.

Understanding Child Welfare Funding

A report on child welfare financing is an example of how the Casey Foundation funds fact finding and data gathering to advance the work of policymakers, practitioners and communities.