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Barriers and Promising Approaches to Workforce and Youth Development for Young Offenders

January 4, 2002

The document provides information about serving young offenders, including the focus of the juvenile justice system and how youth development approaches are useful in working…

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Not Quite Chaos

January 1, 2002

This report introduces two new guides, the Process Framework and the Structural Framework, that aim to bring order to the very organic enterprise that is…

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Extending Ladders

November 2, 2001

This report summarizes key outcomes and lessons from the Casey Foundation's Jobs Initiative, which emphasized workforce development reforms on behalf of low-skilled job seekers.

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Taking the Initiative on Jobs and Race

November 2, 2001

This Jobs Initiative report explores racial discrimination against low-skilled workers in regional labor markets – and what can be done about it.

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Casey Connects: Fall 2001

September 23, 2001

This issue of Casey Connects reflects on the Foundation’s events before and after 9/11 — from an adoption celebration in Washington, D.C., to pledging $3 million in aid for…

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AdvoCasey: Fall 2001

September 22, 2001

This issue of AdvoCasey outlines the many challenges of serving foster youth in transition. It also highlights ambitious campaigns that are unfolding across the country — in…

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Building Support for Innovation Inside Child Welfare Agencies

August 10, 2001

This report focuses on organization development tools as an approach to supporting change within child welfare organizations. 

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Evaluation Findings and Lessons Learned from the AECF Mental Health Initiative for Urban Children

August 1, 2001

A comprehensive evaluation of the three main components implemented in the Casey Foundation’s five-year, community-wide project to improve mental health services in very poor inner-city neighborhoods and…

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The Need for Self-Evaluation: Using Data to Guide Policy and Practice

July 21, 2001

This descriptive guide provides examples of data tools as they related to the self-evaluation process for Family to Family sites.       

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