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Developing a Neighborhood-Focused Agenda

March 30, 2000

This guide shows how city governments can become more neighborhood-focused to improve blighted conditions in inner cities across the United States. 

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Building More Effective Community Schools

March 29, 2000

This report helped cities and site teams navigate education-related issues as part of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Making Connections initiative. It shares vital know-how, next steps,…

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Holding Schools Accountable Toolkit

March 15, 2000

This publication offers communities a comprehensive set of tools — tips, references, stories, worksheets and more — aimed at helping neighborhoods hold schools accountable for student…

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Casey Connects: Spring 2000

March 1, 2000

This issue of Casey Connects proves how true transformation starts with the heart — the heart of the individual as well as the heart of a…

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Casey Connects: Winter 2000

February 23, 2000

This issue of Casey Connects concentrates on the value of community with the rollout of a new neighborhood initiative and the announcement of seven community-based…

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Restoring Fathers to Families and Communities

February 20, 2000

This detailed, six-step guide tells state and local officials how to act, legislatively and administratively, to help America’s fathers help their children. At every step, it…

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Residents Engaged in Strengthening Families and Neighborhoods

February 12, 2000

This report offers strategies for connecting residents and families living in isolated urban neighborhoods to social networks, services, supports, assets, jobs and opportunities through collective action to improve their…

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The Path of Most Resistance

January 6, 2000

The report presents the lessons learned from New Futures, the Casey Foundation's first attempt at a large-scale community change effort. 

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Tools for Survival: An Analysis of Financial Literacy Programs for Lower-Income Families

January 5, 2000

The report identifies and describes the range of financial literacy programs and reviews the degree to which they are accessible to low-income families.

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