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Improving Conditions of Confinement in Secure Juvenile Detention Centers

July 1, 1999

This report presents a discussion of what was learned from the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) about improving and maintaining safe, humane institutions. Attention is…

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New Hope for Low-Income Workers

June 22, 1999

In 1994, Milwaukee implemented a two-year program, New Hope, that provided low-income working families with a flexible package of earnings supplements and services. The results?…

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AdvoCasey: Summer 1999

June 20, 1999

This edition of AdvoCasey examines the ripple of changes sparked by the landmark federal welfare law of 1996. Readers will learn about an array of…

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Resident Involvement in Community Change

June 1, 1999

Involving people in local neighborhood change creates problems as well as better solutions, as this report demonstrates through an examination of Casey's Plain Talk and Community…

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Consider the Alternatives

May 1, 1999

This report urges juvenile justice officials to abandon detention’s standard all-or-nothing approach in favor of a new option: A continuum of alternatives that maintains public safety, cuts…

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Effective Language for Communicating Children’s Issues

May 1, 1999

This report addresses the media’s depictions of children’s issues and outlines the effective use of strategic communications to change the way these issues are framed in order to…

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Controlling the Front Gates

April 1, 1999

This report is packed with examples and suggestions to help jurisdictions to make fair, efficient and rational decisions about the detention center admission process. It…

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Collaboration and Leadership in Juvenile Detention

March 1, 1999

This report explores the roles of teamwork and leadership in advancing complex detention reform. It shares the journeys, regrets and field-tested tips of sites participating…

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Planning for Juvenile Detention Reforms

February 1, 1999

This planning approach is designed to help jurisdictions gain an accurate understanding of their own detention policies, practices and problems. Its structured planning model has…

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