This report draws attention to the needs of children whose parents are in the criminal justice system, and describes how support systems can minimize these children's trauma and harm, and support their resiliency and success. Specifically, it is intended to inform policymakers, practitioners, government agency staff, advocates and families to make positive changes that benefit the lives of New York's children. This effort is part of the New York Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents, building on the planning process leading up to the 2010 New York Summit on Children of Incarcerated Parents and the Summit itself. 

May 1, 2011

In This Report, You’ll Learn

  1. 1

    What national statistics, and New York-specific statistics, tell us about children of incarcerated parents.

  2. 2

    An overview of the criminal-justice system from a child’s perspective, including recommendations.

  3. 3

    Recommendations for systems that serve children, their parents and caregivers.

  4. 4

    Summaries of regulations, policies and protocols relevant to children of incarcerated parents.

  1. 5

    A Bill of Rights for children of incarcerated parents.

Key Takeaway

Safeguarding the Children of Incarcerated Parents

To safeguard children of incarcerated parents in an integrated and systemic way, significant resources and influence are needed to ensure that public and private agencies work together to implement recommended reforms. This is no small feat. 

Findings & Stats

Statements & Quotations