Adult Literacy Education In Immigrant Communities

Identifying Policy and Program Priorities for Helping Newcomers Learn English

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Asian American Justice Center

October 11, 2007


This report recaps discussions from a September 2006 conference on adult literacy education in immigrant communities. It outlines strategies, priorities and collaboration opportunities aimed at helping our nation’s newest members learn English and — in turn — pursue deeper community bonds and brighter economic futures. 

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Key Takeaway

When it comes to English language instruction, America gets a failing grade

The experts agree: We must do more to unlock the power of language for English learners. Our current systems for providing English instruction are severely underfunded, sorely misunderstood and floundering within a broken infrastructure that dribbles out disjointed services and advocacy misfires. Failing to act on this front will undermine the capacity of our nation’s great workforce and — even more — position our country to fall behind in the global economic race.

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