Advancing SFA

Posted February 7, 2017
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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This toolkit is designed to help child welfare practitioners, advocates and policymakers effectively implement SFA’s normalcy provisions, a section of the law that aims to provide a much-needed boost to improving overall well-being for young people in foster care by giving youth and their foster parents greater authority to make decisions and build critical relationships. The toolkit — which is a guide for comprehensive implementation that supports jurisdictions in eliminating barriers to achieving this outcome — includes the following components:

  • A summary of the basic legal requirements;
  • A set of 13 recommendations for achieving effective implementation;
  • Policy examples, including existing law, regulation and policy guidance, as well as proposed policy language.
  • An appendix that includes excerpts of model policies.

Findings & Stats

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Key Takeaway

When done right, advancing normalcy advances the quality of life and well-being outcomes of youth in the child welfare system

Policies and practices that support connecting youth with age-appropriate activities and people in their communities help youth make a successful transition to adulthood. These types of long-lasting relationships lead to permanency and supportive adult connections.