AdvoCasey: Spring 2004

Who’s Taking Care: AdvoCasey Examines the Staffing Crisis in Children and Family Services

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

March 22, 2004


This issue of AdvoCasey examines the pervasive neglect of human services workers in America. It’s centerpiece — a feature rooted in Greenville, South Carolina — goes beyond the statistics to share real stories about how these workers are struggling and what this means for the kids and families they serve.

AdvoCasey is a seasonal publication; each themed issue spotlights programs and policies that have made measurable differences in the lives of kids and families.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaway

Casey asked: What is it like to be a human services worker in America today?

How are frontline employees faring in the fields of child protection, child welfare, child care, youth services, employment counseling and juvenile justice? In a nutshell: Not well. These workers are missing the esteem, experience, stability, training, pay, supervision and equipment needed to do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Findings & Stats

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