AdvoCasey: Summer 2002

Work First, What Next?

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

June 21, 2002


This edition of AdvoCasey explores how welfare reform has evolved to reconnect families to the economic mainstream. It spotlights welfare-to-work models that are helping participants find jobs, build skills and move up the career ladder. It also reviews how welfare reform impact kids and what challenges many families face when they leave the welfare rolls.    

AdvoCasey is a seasonal publication with themed issues that spotlight programs and policies making measurable differences in the lives of kids and families.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaway

Early evidence suggests that some adolescents are not faring well under welfare reform

Teens whose parents participated in experimental welfare-to-work programs were 10% more likely to repeat a grade or enroll in special education services relative to teens whose parents remained in older welfare programs.

Findings & Stats

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