An Integrated Approach to Fostering Family Economic Success

How Three Model Sites are Implementing the Center for Working Families Approach

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

January 10, 2010


The Annie E. Casey Foundation wants to spread the word about its Centers for Working Families® (CWF) concept. CWF tackles the problems faced by low-income working families navigating a fragmented system trying to help. CWF offers a framework for delivering key services and financial supports through an integrated approach. This report presents insights into three successful  programs showing how they have adopted the CWF approach in response to different local circumstances and opportunities. It also offers a picture of what the fully developed CWF’s approach looks like. 

Table of Contents

Key Takeaway

Bundled services can lead to economic success

As of early 2009, more than 20,000 participants had received CWF services, with approximately two-thirds receiving bundled services in the employment, benefits/supports and financial services areas.

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Findings & Stats

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Bon Secours

The most common economic outcomes of Bon Secours clients were staying in a job for an extended period, advancing to a better-paying job or purchasing a car.

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The clients of Central New Mexico Community College CWF who received bundled services had a 61% chance of achieving a short-term economic indicator, such as receiving a scholarship or staying in school, compared to 16% for clients who did not receive bundled services.

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