ARC Reflections Survey and Feedback Materials

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Justice Resource Institute

October 12, 2017


The Casey Foundation and the Justice Resource Institute developed ARC Reflections, a training curriculum to develop foster parents and caregivers’ understanding of traumatic stress, increase their own emotional regulation and provide tools to support their parenting skills. These survey materials provide pre- and post-training surveys for foster parents and feedback forms for facilitators. These materials can be used to review the effectiveness of ARC Reflections as implemented in a child welfare agency.

In addition to the survey and feedback material, the ARC Reflections curriculum includes detailed facilitator guides, training presentations, handouts, a case manager guide, facilitator welcome guide and Olivia’s story.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaway

ARC Reflections helps caregivers deal with trauma

ARC, or Attachment, Regulation and Competency, is a framework for working with children and teens who have experienced trauma. ARC Reflections is a nine session ARC-informed caregiver training curriculum for foster parents, kin and other caregivers. The curriculum furthers caregivers’ knowledge of the complex behavioral health needs through nine two-hour modules. Surveys and feedback help facilitators improve upon the curriculum's delivery.

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