Back into the Fold: Helping Ex-Prisoners Reconnect through Faith

Posted January 1, 2004
By University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work
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The report provides the background on why ex-prisoners face challenges re-entering the community once they are released from prison.  The document gives an overview of multiple faith-based programs that serve ex-prisoners and details the types of services provided. It also describes how each organization operates including staffing and funding, the types of ex-offenders served and requirements for entry and the role of religion within the program.  The report lists what aspects of these programs still require additional study. This report has a related At-A-Glance summary titled Coming Home: From Prison to the Community with the Help of Faith.    

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Key Takeaway

Connections with Faith, Family and Community Must be Re-Established

Ex-prisoners often leave prison without connections to faith organizations, their families or the community. Faith-based re-entry programs work to provide the structure needed for ex-prisoners, including that related to worship and faith, housing, employment and community connections.