Building Family Economic Success: Centers for Working Families

By the Annie E. Casey Foundation

August 1, 2005


The Centers for Working Families model champions one-stop support shops for households with fragile finances. The goal? Maximize a family’s potential to achieve meaningful economic milestones by bundling vital services together in one physical location. This document—which introduces the model and examines its expansion potential—is one installment in a 10-part series that highlights the Foundation’s efforts to economically empower families across America.    

Key Takeaway

The idea is a simple one: make it more convenient for families to access support services

The Centers for Working Families (CWF) model is a new service delivery strategy for helping low-income working families. Developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, this model stems from the notion that families are more likely to achieve economic success if key services—work and income supports, financial assistance, career development programs and asset building opportunities—are bundled together in one convenient location. To begin testing this theory, the Foundation has funded Centers in four pilot sites across the country.

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