Building Family Economic Success: Financial Services

Posted August 1, 2005
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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For many hardworking Americans, the journey to economic security is littered with excessive fees, high-interest loans and predatory traps. This fact sheet aims to help low-income households navigate such danger zones while building brighter financial futures (assets and savings included!). It is one installment in a 10-part series that shares how Foundation is helping to economically empower families across the country.          

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Key Takeaway

The financial deck is stacked against America’s neediest families

When it comes to building financial security, low-income working families often face an uphill climb. Predatory lenders, slick advertising and excessive fees are just a few of the many pitfalls that these households must avoid while safeguarding scant paychecks just to make ends meet. Even worse, many of these families must navigate such treacherous territory alone—without the benefit of low-cost financial services to guide them.