Building Family Economic Success: The High Cost of Being Poor

Posted August 1, 2005
By the Annie E. Casey Foundation
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AECF High Costof Being Poor Cover 2005


This two-page fact sheet spotlights a disturbing trend: Families who are already struggling to make ends meet are also paying some of the highest prices for basic staples of American life. It is one document in a 10-part series devoted to sharing ways that the Foundation is helping to economically empower families across the country. 

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Living Paycheck to Paycheck, Yet Paying More for Basic Goods

Compared to their middle-class suburban counterparts, low-income households in urban and rural areas often pay thousands of dollars more for everything from groceries to mortgages. This income drain can destabilize family finances while deepening a spiral of disinvestment and decay that can undercut entire communities.